MyStarterBlog - Videos


Those videos only show the basics and also the potential of some of the registered features of MyStarterBlog.

They don't have any sound. Plus, most are very short yet take longer to do for this presentation.

Note: Those were created with MyStarterBlog v1.6. In time, things may change and new features added. Also, each page will open a new page.


Parameters (32 sec.)

In the example, the blog will be install in a subfolder on the domain. Notice that it's a new blog(registered). I paused the recording while entering the rest of the parameters. I also selected a theme.

About page (18 sec.)

I will wrote some information for the About page. The Contact and Privacy Policy pages work the same way.

Writing a post (1m11 sec.)

I will add a new post. Writing a page work the same.

Saving your blog (12 sec.)

Before I forget, I will save my blog information.I could had save it in a subfolder to better organize my blogs.

Generate your blog (13 sec.)

I will generate the files for my blog.

Generated files of your blog (16 sec.)

I will show you the generate the files of my blog based on the theme I selected.

Ping your blog (56 sec.)

I will ping my blog on different sites.

Load your blog (12 sec.)

I will load my blog. I can write a new post or page.

Advance features(registered)

MyStarterBlog eBay Plugin (25 sec.)

I will configure the MyStarterBlog eBay Plugin. I will also hide it so to not leave a footprint.

Importing text files (21 sec.)

I will import text files(batch) thus creating a post for each file in the directory.

Importing Wordpress XML file (1m28 sec.)

I will import a WordPress blog. I paused the video. I also show the redirection generated.

Youtube (45 sec.)

I will paste the current YouTube embed code into the current post. Unregistered users will have to copy the code manually.