In MyStarterBlog, the tags are used to convert items with a predefined value. For example, with the tag [datetime], MSB will do a search and replace that tag with the date of the post/page. thus if you want to make a dateless theme, you would need to simply remove the occurences of that tag.

Because of the type of some tags, they can be used almost everywhere while other tags are used in a 1 or 2 files only. /p>

List of files being copied only: functions.php

List of files with global tags([sitename], [siteurl], [tagline], [author], [email], [metakeywords], [metadescription], [blogfolder], [adblock1 to 10], [paypal], , [alertpay], , [clickbank]):
.htaccess, headertop.php, header.php, about.php, pricacy.php, contact.php, index.php, archive.php, index_post.php, index_page.php, footer.php

A theme can also include extra files. Those files will have a search and replace of the global files only.

Tags used in specific files:

style.css: [themeimagesfolder]

.htaccess: [serverfolder], [www-non-www, [meppicdir], [mepshopdir], [redirection]

headertop.php: [ebaycampaignid], [ebaycampaign], [ebaysiteid], [titlebar], [mepebproducts], [mepebitem], [mepebprice], [mepebimage], [mepebtitle], [meppicdir], [mepshopdir], [mepgalleryimagename], [mepkey], [mepcssstyle], [charset]

header.php: [recentpost], [blogpage], [links], [authorbiocontent], [sidebarcontent], [sidebarcontent], [analyticscode]

about.php: [headertop], [aboutcontent]

privacy.php: [headertop], [privacycontent]

contact.php: [headertop], [contactcontent]

template_main.php: [posttitle], [author], [datetime], [postsummary]

index_main.php: [listpost], [headertop], [homepagecontent], [authorbiocontent], [sidebarcontent]

archive.php: [headertop], [archive]

index_post.php: [headertop], [posttitle], [postcontent], [author], [datetime], [allowcomments], [allowcommentbox]

[showad],[showaff] are in the registered version only.

index_page.php: [headertop], [pagetitle], [pagecontent], [author], [datetime], [allowcomments], [allowcommentbox]

[showad],[showaff] are in the registered version only.

footer.php: [recentpost], [blogpage], [links], [authorbiocontent], [sidebarcontent], , [analyticscode]

Using keywords

You can have keyword linking within the post and a new generated page for each keyword used more than 1 time. No keyword page will be generated if a keyword is used once. This is to minimize the number of overall files for your blog.

To activate "keyword mode":

  • The theme must include keyword_main.php, template_main.php will be used to list all the post in the keyword page.
  • In index_post.php, [postkeyword] is used instead of [metakeywords] when listing the keywords used for the post.
  • In footer.php and header.php , you can use this 2 new tags: [popularkeyword] and [listallkeyword].
  • [listallkeyword] can also be added in a extra page if you want it to list all the keywords used in the blog instead of listing them on the side of the blog.
  • Keywords used once will link directly to the post.
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